Be Prepared & Rise to the Occasion!

Fresh from College, Ram & Shyam were super excited for the new job. There company is trying to implement a new project in the organisation. It was such an important project that CEO of Almaitito International was reviewing its progress every week. Both got the opportunity and were selected in the team that was to plan & execute the project. The board selected Mr Tomar, a veteran in the company to drive the project.

Finding themselves surrounded by senior employees the duo was nervous about their roles in the project. Mr Tomar too spoke very less and simply informed them that they just needed to relax & be there; but didn’t allocate any specific task to them. 

Initially they were very happy as there was no work pressure, no questions and of course no answers. It was a chill time that paid off with a fat salary regularly getting credited to their bank accounts. While Shyam keep enjoying this so-called cooling period, Ram kept talking with peers and collecting information on the project. At time providing his suggestion to the team.

One fine day, the board were supposed to review the project, but Mr Tomar couldn’t be present for the meeting up due to personal reasons. Ram sensed an opportunity here and when the board asked if anyone else from the team could provide updates on the project, Ram rose to the occasion & took the lead. It went very well. The news reached Mr Tomar and soon Ram was assigned critical responsibilities in the project. 

While Ram got busy working on the project, Shyam was enjoying his time without work and was very happy. But his happiness was short-lived. Soon, recession struck the economy, the entire organisation went on restructuring & cost saving measures. Poor Shyam was given the pink slip and he kept wondering why this happened to him. It was not his fault that no task was assigned to him and why management found him on other side of the table.

The story of Ram & Shyam is not the isolated one in this corporate world. So, what can one do better if they get stuck in this situation?

Smart people don’t wait for good things to happen. They prepare themselves & grab the opportunity whenever it is presented to them.

  • First thing you should do is to ask question to yourself, do you belong to this place. If yes, what is your role in the team
  • It always good to talk to your Manager and ask for clarity on expectations
  •  It’s important to know key details of the project you are working on, being aloof will do you no good
  • There are always opportunities, but one must be prepared for them. Like in the above case, Ram & Shyam both had the opportunity, but only Ram rose to the occasion as he was prepared for it
  • Always try to be connected to the project & the team working on it. Your behavior will create a positive image of yours among the team. If needed, don’t hesitate in speaking with the team & advising them
  • If you don’t have any role in the team or task at workplace, you must understand that your Manager has little interest in developing you, so it is in your interest that you start looking for opportunities in the other teams or may be if needed, outside the organisation.

Corporate life is more than it meets the eye