Identify your goals and prepare to MEET them

The lock down has presented an opportunity to all of us to connect with family and friends. I was talking to one of my entrepreneur friends after almost five years. While we discussed a lot of things, we also touched upon his business. Like everyone, he was also finding it difficult to run his business. Covid-19 has badly affected his business and he told me that he is exploring options in all directions. I wasn’t clear on what he meant by that, so I asked him to explain. He told there is a saying that keep exploring all possibilities, you will get something.

With the Covid crises, many people are struggling to keep the businesses afloat and are looking for opportunities outside their area of business to generate some revenue. However, the question rises – Are you looking for random opportunities in all directions or do you have a targeted strategy in place? My friend was looking for random opportunities to make some money. Right from investing in share market to trading in fishes from aquarium. He tried to explore every opportunity/possibility told or advised by someone. In moments of crisis, many of us tend to act this way and get carried away.

Looking for random opportunities is not good at any point of time and in a crisis, it’s practically lawbreaking.
We need to understand that in moments of crises, one has limited resources and with these limited resources he needs to be afloat till the tides turn in his favor. There is every possibility that person will run out of resources very soon if he tries to run in all directions and situation will deteriorate sooner than expected.

But it’s also true that if your business is at risk then something needs to be done urgently to keep it steady. The best approach is to have targeted strategy in place during this time. Optimize MEET (Money, Energy, Effort and Time) — Choose 3 to 4 options and try to learn more about it. Secondly speak to the people who are already in these lines of business. Then finally choose to one and optimize MEET available to you in order to grow this side business of yours.

Have you heard this ever- Everyone in this world has 24 hours and what we do in these 24 hours is going to shape your business and life? It’s so true and by optimizing the MEET, you can achieve what you dream to achieve.

Corporate life is more than it meets the eye