Only self-improvement helps to achieve self-reliance

In last few weeks, Government of India under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi has launched many initiatives to restore economy but one that draw everybody attention is Atmanirbhar Bharat. It may sound like an election campaign but is important for the success of India as a country in longer run.

For every Indian, Atmanirbhar Bharat is the most important initiative launched by the government in last six years. In a way, Atmanirbhar Bharat or self-reliant India will determine how India is going to take care of its people in this decade. Government announced slew of measures like economic packages, reforms in labor etc. But will these steps lead to an Atmanirbhar Bharat. Do these economic packages will make the country self-reliant? Economic packages were provided time to time in various forms to Industry, Farmers but look at the condition, it’s as bad as it was a decade ago. I doubt that current economic package will make any difference, in fact the situation can become worse. Do you know why?

The most important thing that can make a country self-reliant is how good the country is in science and technology. However, the Government of the day is not focusing on it.  Didn’t get the point? Here is the thing – when you look at any self-reliant country in the world, one will see that all these countries are excellent in science and technology. They are good in it because they have invested heavily in building an infrastructure which supports innovation, invention and entrepreneurship. The present education system in India doesn’t encourage the production of scientist, leaders, or academicians. Its more inclined towards fulfilling workforce requirement of the industry. I understand because it still follows the education pattern of British ruled India. Britishers needed workforce and designed it to fulfil the need of that time.

For long education has been overlooked in our country. Even today, it remains as political tool of various political parties to garner votes. Apart from few selected institutes (that you can count on your fingers) others are just are just factories providing degrees.

Still have doubts in your mind? Here is the thing – Unless and until we start inventing new technologies, we will keep on producing products based on stale technology and forced on importing products from other countries. If we are lucky the overseas company will set up a plant in India and will sell the goods to India but in this case, few countrymen will get jobs, but it will far away from the Self-Reliant goal. Most of the earnings will be channeled back to the company parent country in the form of royalties.

If India really wants to become self-reliant then it must actively pursue two things

Develop a culture of invention, innovation and entrepreneurship. School, Colleges and Universities will play a major role in the self-reliant mission and cannot be ignored. It must not remain political tool for vote bank politics rather it should act as nursery which leads invention and innovation. Reforms must be made in this education sector as it will lead the journey of Atmanirbhar Bharat. One of the greatest economists to ever born on this planet, Chankaya always believed that Science and Technology is key to country growth and prosperity and most importantly self-reliance.

Secondly government should look to the countries who have technology but don’t have markets. They should try to buy out the technology or create joint venture with these countries which will fast track the process of self-reliant India. As on today, these collaborations are mostly seen only in Defense sector like India collaborated with Russia to produce World class Brahmos Missile. Government should also look to other countries for collaboration for producing consumer goods. It will be of great help in short to medium term and will be a step forward towards journey of Self-Reliant India.

Corporate life is more than it meets the eye