This business will play a pivotal role in the revival of economy

Ever since I started working in Exhibitions industry over seven years ago, it has not failed to charm me even for a single day. Do you know why? Because every day has been exciting and filled with new learning in this industry. While exhibitions have many facets, the most exciting for me is the creativity & innovation it brings to the table along with its agile & adaptable nature of business with changing times. Just when the Corona crisis has hit business across the globe and had a direct impact on the exhibitions business, it re-defined itself in a very short time and offered virtual exhibitions to the customers so that they can continue to grow & do business.

As Global Exhibitions Day was celebrated on 3rd June across the world, I was awed by the attention & love it got on social media channels. As we move, it’s very important that we acknowledge the contribution B2B exhibitions & Conferences has made in building the country. 

Before I tell you on Exhibitions, let’s look at what are the general priorities of government around the world – I always believe any government in the world has few key macro objectives & they build strategies around those key objectives….. It can be put in four blocks

If these four are taken care than surely that country always prosper. Of these the economy acts as the foundation stone for all other objectives. I will try to explore exhibitions more with this objective. Before I move on, I just want to tell that I was amused to know exhibitions not only help but is one of the key drivers of economy. Let’s try to understand it in greater detail –

I am not an economist but to an ordinary man like me the economy means employment and increasing level of income. Do you know – Exhibitions is one industry which provides jobs to all professionals, skilled, semi-skilled, non-skilled and that to on a large scale. It’s worth noting that Exhibitions generates huge number of indirect employment (Readers can refer to my blog- for better understanding on how exhibitions contribute to employment especially daily workers). It will be interesting to know here that Exhibitions are also one of the key contributors to growth other industries like travel, hospitality, advertising etc. It is one of the places where large scale business deals are signed up which help in the growth of the economy.

Another very important part of exhibitions which is fascinating is that it acts as a platform for launching new products & technology. Future technology & product prototypes launched at the exhibition. In way it gives a good idea to consumer how the next five to 10 years will look like in terms of upcoming products & its impact on future lifestyle. Post labs & factories, if anyone want to see, observe & feel upcoming technology & products, it must be Exhibitions. Do you know – New technologies are key to growth of any country and as I said earlier exhibitions provides an excellent platform companies to showcase their new products & seek investors, partners, most importantly test the product with industry specialists.

Learning is a lifelong process and I don’t think anyone will disagree. While one can improve personal skills via online courses or distance education, its knowledge of that products, competition of industry remains challenging to learn. Apart from internal training’s, it’s difficult or takes time to gather knowledge or know what happenings in the industry. Newspapers do give headlines, but Exhibitions is one of the best places to gain industry knowledge, learn from industry stalwarts. 

This brings me to my last point – As I told you earlier that Exhibitions is one place with many facets, but one which is very important & must be mentioned here is the networking opportunity it provides with industry colleagues. Also, a structured environment for constructive discussion & strategy formulation for policy makers. Personally, I love to meet people of different cultures at the exhibition.

Exhibitions help strategy makers to meet the macro primary objectives but its Economy where it plays a pivotal role. In this moment of Corona crisis, Governments must look at Exhibitions as a mean for revival of the Economy.

Corporate life is more than it meets the eye