Greatness of a team lie in its Leader!

History says that Akbar’s era was the best time for the Mughal empire. For that, all the credit goes to his council of ministers called the ‘Nav Ratna’ of his empire. These Nav Ratna were true pillars of his empire and had a huge influence in the success & acceptance of Akbar as a leader & the Emperor.

Amigotua International has been a family run business for years. They have grown aggressively even in the most adverse market conditions. The markets and competitors credit the success of the company to five managers who in past 15 to 20 years were steady with their leader and helped the company to achieve unrealistic feats. Many failed attempts were made by competitors to split the top management group. Yet, they stood strong with the family second-generation businessman Ramprasad Shukla. In this phase of Ramprasad as chairman, the company saw tremendous growth & reached newer heights beating market expectations. Finally, at the age of 60, he decides to hand over the baton to his son, Laxman Prasad.

In last three to four years, the company began witnessing negative growth, high attrition, steep decline in market share and of course a loss of goodwill. The senior management were the same, but results are very different. A bit confusing for everyone in the company, markets and of course the family.

Everybody believed that with his wealth of degrees, Knowledge and successful team, third generations leader- Laxman Prasad will continue to lead the company on growth trajectory same way as his predecessor. However, with time all five of the senior management left the company. Once a leader in the market, Amigotua Internationalis now fighting for survival. 

The best of armies can’t survive without a great leader. The greatness of the team is defined by its captain. Saurav Ganguli’s 11 from 2003 is considered to one of the best teams of that era. This is because he was able to instill the self-belief in every member of the team. Almost the same team without him did very poorly in 2007 world cup. 

An army of mice led by a lion is more dangerous than an army of lions led by a mouse; because a lion will ensure that each mouse in the army thinks & acts like a lion.

Transitions are the most difficult part of any organisation journey, and success is no guarantee even if you have best of the talents. A true leader is very important because he will ensure that even a mediocre team starts believing and starts winning like champions.

Corporate life is more than it meets the eye