Your Attitude powers your Salary…

Ram fired a person in the organisation. For him it was a very tough call to make. It was tough for him because he never believed in firing any employee. At the end of the day, he was very tired & wondered if he made the right decision.

3 months ago, one of his employees met Ram and confided that he is working less because he was being paid less by the company. After a long discussion, the employee told Ram that he would have worked more efficiently if he was paid more by the organisation. 

Ram agreed and raised the compensation of the employee. He was happy with his decision and confident that the employee will work more diligently & deliver results. After a month Ram realized that not much had improved in the employee. Apart from adding 30 minutes more to his work day, nothing else changed. 

Ram is not alone here, many leaders tend to do this mistake. They believe if they increase the compensation, employee will feel motivated and their work will also improve. However, this rarely happens. Yes, money can motivate people to do more for some time but fact of the matter is that it can’t change the attitude of the person. If a person works for 8 hrs, he can work for 9 hours but surely cannot work for 15 hrs. His skill sets remain the same as it was earlier. More than that, he never had the intention to do things in the right manner.

Extra compensation will not help in changing the attitude & style of working of the person which has been built over the years. Leaders have to understand that a person who is deliberately working less because he is being paid less is does not have a positive attitude. Thus keeping people like him in the organisation for a longer run will spoil others as well. 

Ram must had taken note of one more thing that despite complaining & working less, employee was not moving to other organisation despite being in the company for more than three years. This may be because employee never has confidence on his skill set. Promoting or recognizing a person with this kind of attitude could be harmful for the organisation.

Compensation is important but if someone is not doing the regular work because he feels his compensation is less (which can be the case), I feel he is not the right person for your company.

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