Why propaganda against Colors & lights of the festivals must be stopped?


Well, it’s for the first time in years I am not hearing loud hue and cry on wastage of water during Holi festival by anti-social elements pretending to be environmentalist. Because of Corona, anyway festival will not be celebrated in its full colors. It’s very important to note here that in last few years whenever a Hindu festival nears, these enemy groups start finding technical fault and highlight environment concern and wastage of money. Its been a ritual for few years now. But absence of normal hue & cry this year doesn’t fit into the agenda of enemy groups who are driving this for years. A gap of a year because of corona may weaken the campaign. So, nowhere to hide behind environmental concerns this year, you must have seen few anti festivals post of anti-social individuals freely circulating on social media indirectly mocking these festivals under the pretext of environment concern.

India has one of the most vibrant culture which powers its citizen to air its views, promotes discussion in an open forum and questions anything but it’s also true that many are trying to use it as a tool to entwine Indians.  

Are you wondering why Indians have to go through this every year? Is it a genuine concern or a long-term propaganda of enemy groups to slowly inculcate a guilt feeling among Hindus for celebrating the festivals & in turn move away from their roots in longer run? Are they aiming for a generational shift?

Generational shift reminds me of an incident when I was only 10-year-old kid. I was watching a toothpaste advertisement and curiously asked my teacher why all the ads have kids? Whereas the decision makers are parents who are older people. He explained me process of changing the thought process of entire generation. He enlightened me the influencer, long-term buyer concept & rebellion attitude of young kids. He told, you will slowly get convinced that the toothpaste is good & influence or even can force your parents to buy that paste. Moreover, in a longer run when you will turn decision maker, you will buy that toothpaste. These campaigns are not for today but for determining the future business.

This brings to my next point, Millennials are specially targeted in this propaganda of hatred. Opinions of millennial  flicker a lot & it’s very easy for these enemy groups to convince them as they want to be special, perceived as cooler & messenger of change & unfortunately in the society we are living, there is growing acceptance that not celebrating festival or not being religious is actually cooler. These enemy groups are trying to cashing this very cooler, open for everything & rebellion attitude of millennial generation against them to make them believe that these festivals are harming environment, causing pollution & is wastage of money but the real agenda is to alienate you from your culture. It’s not happened overnight & took years to reach at this stage but if not corrected, they will soon push you to the next stage that is guilt of celebrating the festivals. And They are successfully using anti-social groups, environmentalist & NGO to run their campaign of hatred to their advantage.

It is the reason that whenever a Hindu festival start nearing, a group of NGOs, environmentalist gets super active trying to position themselves as savior of the environment. Beneath this environment worries lies a well thought strategic attack on Indian culture & festivities. The constant & consistent effort is an attempt to not only malign but to ensure that in minds, Hindus feel guilty of spoiling the environment. Somewhere down the line, these enemies of the land are trying to take advantage of the secular nature of the country & its citizens.

One more trend has emerged in last few years that Hindus must approach Court seeking permission to celebrate festivals. Its baffling for every citizen to wait for court verdict for celebrating most of the festivals. I will be eager to know in which other country this is happening that citizen have to knock the doors of court for celebrating their own festivals.

Just sharing examples of few campaigns of enemy of the lands below

  • Mahashivratri– Enemy are running a propaganda that milks are wasted during the festival, but no one talks about the number of poor feds by devotees & temple during this time.
  • Holi- The propaganda is to save water & no one talks about the bonding, vibrance & colours this festival brings in life of the people.
  • Janmasthami– Health & Safety concern during Dahi Handi but no one talks about the team bonding, care it promotes among the people.
  • Diwali- Wastage of Electricity & oils. Crackers are not only burnt in Diwali but many other festivals of different religions. Enemy propagate that crackers in Diwali leads to pollution & we believe as if crackers which are burnt in political rallies, marriages, sporting events emits oxygen.
  • Durga Puja & Ganesh Chaturthi- Enemy propagates that immersion of idols causes water pollution & harm the environment. As if that year long river pollution by industries waste are not harming & one day immersion of idols are causing more harm to the environment.
  • Makar Sankranti- Kite flying leads to death of birds. These birds die more due to everyday pollution but there are no curbs or discussion over it.

The list is never ending. It’s important to understand why I am saying that attacking these festivals is part of a larger strategic plan? And the plan is to inculcate a feeling of guilt in Hindus so that they slowly move away from celebrating festivals. It’s no brainiac to know that festivals are identity of the religions & human souls. In few decades, it may lead to generational shift which will suit to the objectives of enemy of this vibrant culturally rich land.

As we already discussed that pollution & wastage worries are just excuses, these so-called NGO keep mum when the same thing is done at other places because they are just tools in the hands of enemy forces. Do you know the amount of crackers is burned globally in political rallies/wins, marriages, Sporting events like Olympics, World cup or IPL? Amount of industrial waste that flows in river & sea every day. No one from this anti-social groups or pseudo seculars will either ask questions or approach court for justice but when it comes to Hindu festival, they do it purposely because they have an objective to achieve in longer run to alienate Hindus from their culture.

We know, celebrating festivals are constitutional as well as fundamental right of the citizens. The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivities. These enemy groups are successfully using anti-social elements, environmentalist & NGO to run their campaign of hatred. Enemies of the land are trying to use your own good against you & Indians must learn not to get trapped in this propaganda.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holi!! JAI HIND!

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