Constructive criticism is helpful but wayside remarks can spoil the stability


India has been a blessed democracy in which everyone has the liberty to express opinions on all matters. The key institutions of democracy like government, Election Commission, Judiciary always worked to strengthen the democratic system in India. These key institutions always supported each other which led to the success of democracy in the country & It’s important that sovereignty of these institutions is maintained.

But our society has still a long way to go to fulfil the vision of our leaders who fought for independence. In our country, it’s very convenient to criticize the government that it has become norm of the day. Of late, criticism is towards poor handling of covid second wave & export of vaccination. Let me clarify one thing that no country in the world can manage this magnitude of infection be it America or any other country. It’s evident from the fact that developed country have also struggled to manage the covid crises.

This brings to my next point. Let’s try to understand he recent oxygen crises because of which government received criticism from all quarters including judiciary. Do you know, the demand for oxygen has increased almost seven times within few days? While infections are very high in North & South of India, most of the oxygen are produced either in Eastern or Western part of India. And certainly, logistical nightmare to transport oxygen in just few hours from East to North or South of India. It’s impossible for government or any organization to fulfil five-fold increase in demand in the span of few days.

Many criticize the government on social media, news channel & other platforms which is very much acceptable as in democracy people has right to criticize the government but what pained the most is the opinions & wayside comment by the judiciary. These opinions or judgement is an interference by judiciary on other important pillars of the democratic institutions. More importantly, it is distasteful & demoralizing for the government institutions who from last 15 months are trying to help people without taking break for a single day.

Before I tell you more, I am sharing few observations of judiciary,Court%20told%20the%20central%20government.

It’s difficult to comprehend what judiciary really want to achieve by passing comments like “Ram Bharose” or “Are you living in ivory towers”. They ordered to increase the supply of oxygen to a particular state to certain quantity & don’t wish to understand or learn ground realities. Few high courts have passed sweeping orders to increase the supply of oxygen to the respective state. If all the state start thinking on the similar lines, then what about Union of India. Just to fulfil the order of the high court, Central government cannot deprive oxygen to other states. Let’s accept one thing that no single government since independence have focused on healthcare. Otherwise India would have not be struggling for doctors.

One may be wondering that if Courts are so serious about the issue why not they appoint one high court judge to work along with the District Magistrate to support Covid Care. Government machinery police, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, municipality employees & various organizations have put their heart & soul for care of the people. Many have not taken break for a single day from last so many months. The last thing they expect is criticism from a very responsible institution of the country. We must not discourage these avoidable wayside comments.

The observation made by Madras High Court on election commission that they should be charged for murder for conducting elections will go as one of the most unwanted comments by judiciary. Election commission was just doing the duty. Here is the thing, visualize a scenario where election commission would have postponed the elections. I would not have surprised if they would be blamed for killing the democracy & PIL was filed against the election commission for not conducting timely elections. That’s the beauty of crises- One is going to be criticized for sure whether you decide to work or decide not to work.

Who are the people working on-ground in this moment of crises? Its government employees (from IAS to Anganbadi workers) who are working overtime to support & help people. Unfortunately, few still accuses them for not doing enough. Everyone is always ready to advise but only few works on-ground. And who are criticizing? Almost everyone else apart from the people working on-ground. Strange world!

It’s time that judiciary should introspect themselves. There are cases going in the courts for decades & generations. People have lost life but not got the judgement. Who is responsible for this? Is the life of those people not important? Why not there are no reforms in the judiciary & why not court should be held accountable for all those delayed judgements. If government must arrange oxygen without inventory, then Judiciary should also work overtime & must ensure timely closure of the cases with the available resources.

People of the country have great faith on judiciary but at the same time, Judiciary should also understand its boundaries. These statements could be easily be avoided & courts can choose more constructive words to criticize the government then using roadside comments like “Ram Bharose”. While these statements could be out of frustration due to situation on ground but coming from respected institution will weaken the democratic balance of the key pillars of democracy. Judiciary must understand that they are not running the government. Its government of the day who are answerable to the people. Finally, it’s good to see Supreme court stepping in & advising High Courts to not give orders which are impossible to implement by the authorities. If each institution focusses on their own work, our democracy will get stronger & it will be good for the country.

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