Your special talent will speed up your development

A few month ago, I met my childhood village friend and for the first time, he looked visibly happy. A surprised me couldn’t hold asking reason for his happiness & Do you know why he was happy because he found his special talent.

Omprakash Vishwakarma tried his luck at odd corporate jobs & several businesses but struggled to make a name for himself. Like many, he tried to follow others to be successful in life. When we were young, he used to create beautiful wooden toys for me. His father was a carpenter & he inherited carpenter skills from his parents. More than that he loves exploring new designs of furniture, wooden toys etc. He used to spend hours in his father’s workplace crafting new toys. While discussing new designs for toys, he never able to keep track of time. Few years ago, when I met him, I advised him to try his hands in carpenter ship. I always knew, its something that is special to him & no one can compete with him in this field. Today, he is a successful entrepreneur & more than that a satisfied person.

Many struggle in the corporate world or are not happy with the job just because they are unaware of their natural special talent. Here is the thing, the fastest way to grow is to find your special talent and map job profiles which are best suited as per your special talents.

The great Chanakya knew that he is King maker and never aspired to take control of the power. He successfully established Chandragupta Maurya as the leader of Akhand Bharat. Mahamantri Vidur of Mahabharat was one of the most successful & respected ministers of the that era. Sachin Tendulkar knew only one thing in life, playing cricket & he build his life on those 22 yards of cricket field. He became legend. Had it tried any other field; I doubt he would be that successful.  If you closely study the lives of successful people, you will find that each one who became so successful are the ones who build their career on the special talent.

This brings to my next point- In today’s fast paced world, we do not make effort, try to reflect upon us & identify special talent that we have in us. Identifying your special talent may look difficult but a right approach can make it easier for you. As I told you, it’s not that difficult to identify your special talent and You can try some simple ways as mentioned below to identify your special talent

  • Talk to trusted friends & colleagues
  • List your strengths & weaknesses
  • Find what makes you feel strong
  • Try asking your parents what you loved as a child
  • Find when you lose track of time, or what you hate to stop doing
  • Find what kind of work make you happy and satisfied
  • Take a personality test

Guru Dronacharya has hundreds of students in his Gurukul and each of them were master of a special weapon. No one in the world could defeat Arjun in archery whereas Yudhishthira was champion of Javelin. Duryodhana was master of Gada fight whereas Nakul was a terrific sword warrior. Its important to know here that Guru Dronacharya has identified special talent of each of his student & mapped it to the respective weapons. Arjun ability to focus was unmatched & that’s the reason he excelled in Archery’s.

It’s true that not everyone may not be as lucky as Arjuna or Duryodhana, but you can always seek help of a specialist who can help you in identifying your special talent & guide you in the right direction.

Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Each one of us has special talents, and it is our duty find ours and use them well.

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