In quest of wooing minority, Congress selfishly vilifying Hindutva

Politicians when not in power are known to produce controversy, may be to stay relevant but not Mr. Salman Khurshid. His remarks on Hinduism/Hindutva in his book has attracted widespread criticism including from senior members of his own party. For long now, its Congress strategy to appease Muslims by trying to show Hindus in poor light, that unfortunately flopped for grand old party every time.

Rahul Gandhi supported Mr. Khurshid propaganda on Hindutva whereas Gulam Nabi Azad discarded it on point blank. In the current situation, Rahul Gandhi views matters very little to anyone as he is no longer a mass leader but surely a big enough public figure to grab attention of Indian media and people.

Over the last two decades, Congress has purposely tried to create a new narrative in Indian politics to counter rise of BJP. Although, its Congress who helped BJP rise in Indian politics. They tried to brand RSS like ISIS, something which is non-existent. The undesirable statements have isolated Congress from common people. Apart from few sycophants and media who needs masala to run their business, no one cares about the words of congress leaders especially if it comes from Mr. Gandhi. The attempt to portray Hindutva in poor light by Congress leaders has to do with long term strategy.

As a common citizen I left perplexed of Congress strategy of propagating hatred against Hindutva and that forced us to think why Congress is trying to propagate fear among people about a subject which is non-existent.  

To understand the current strategy, we need to comprehend the chronology of Congress electoral strategy over the decades. Since, Independence Congress strategy (Guiding principles) are primarily driven by Nehru Family (Yes, it’s not Gandhi Family). For better understanding, lets study the Congress electoral strategy in three phases 1. Since Independence to 1970; 2.  From 1971 to 2005 and 3. From 2005 till now

1. Since Independence to 1970– Congress was immensely benefitted in first twenty years of independence because of their contribution in India independence.  They don’t have to do anything for winning elections. They are the only political party having presence across India. Probably it was the golden time of Congress history after independence and Congress did good to ensure fragile India stands on its feet. Nehru and Shastri must be congratulated and acknowledged for their vision.

2. From year 1971 to 2000– But it was matter of time when new India will demand more rights, quality of life and probably started exploring new options who can fulfil their aspirations. The sense of belongingness towards Congress slowly started fading in the minds of new age voters. No longer, Congress was India and Indians were Congress.

In early seventies, Indira Gandhi innovated electoral strategy promising garibi hatao (remove poverty) and population control but failed to connect with the voters because nothing much happened on ground. Ironically, people had gone through a torrid time of emergency. Only time in Indian independence when democracy seemed to be under threat. Congress further explored to win votes by introducing strategy of caste politics expecting to hang on to backward castes votes, but it backfired in a big way. Many of regional parties were formed on caste lines and many are getting created even today. Caste politics has now firmly deep rooted in Indian politics. Backward and Scheduled castes who traditionally always voted for Congress found new leaders of their community who talked closely on upliftment of their community. New caste leaders like Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Yadav, Mayawati emerged who successfully championed divided the voters and championed caste politics. The country is paying heavy price even to this day as caste politics is further spreading its wings in the country and more like Rajbhar’s, Nishad, Patidar and Kuswaha’s are developing every day.

We all know that to remain relevant in Indian politics, every political party needs to have core vote bank, but in 1990’s Congress has lost backward castes vote because of Mandal politics.

3. From 2005 till now– Muslims contribute approximately 17% of Indian population. A country where government can be formed with 30% of votes, Muslim vote bank could have done wonders for Congress. Probably that’s the way, Congress had thought so and strategically aligned the initiatives for Muslim appeasement.

To attract someone, you don’t necessarily need to abuse other. Congress stalwarts must have thought otherwise that by abusing Hindutva, they will be able to gain trust of Muslims. Also, must have felt assured of sizable Hindu votes as they are mostly divided on caste lines.

Firstly, Congress coined the term saffron terrorism during UPA-1 and frequently try to push this thought in the minds of the people. Secondly, PM Manmohan Singh gave an unwanted statement that minorities have first right on the resources of the country. And in 2014, they pushed for 5% Muslim reservation in Maharashtra which was later quashed by High Court. Even to this day, Congress is voicing for Muslim reservation. Finally, Salman Khurshid shamefully compared Hindutva ISIS. You can’t win one community by propagating against the other community.

Both Congress and India are suffering because of Congress misadventure of Muslim appeasement strategy. The rise of BJP through 90’s and 2010’s is much because of Congress hatred propaganda against Hindus. Ironically, real beneficiary of minority appeasement politics is Samajwadi party, Trinamool Congress and AIMIM.

The disastrous strategy of Nehru family over the last few decades has reduced Congress to a party smaller than many regional parties. The seeds which were planted by Congress through Shah Bano case (To appease Muslims, Congress snatched fundamental rights of a woman) has divided the country on the lines of religion. Nehru family, the prince and princess of Congress must understand that appeasement politics will not help them to gain trust of the voters.

Congress is in serious trouble and desperately needs a fresh strategy to attract voters Rahul Gandhi including sycophants must know that the more they try to appease minorities by vilifying Hindus, more they will find themselves marginalized in Indian politics.

Unfortunately, it’s coming at a time when world is constantly exploring Hinduism to learn peace and tolerance.

Corporate life is more than it meets the eye