How Yogi trumped Opposition to create History in UP

Do you know, For the first time in last four decades, an UP-chief minister has retained his chair in the election. This is amazing achievement Yogi Adityanath government considering the opposition tried everything to create a negative perception of his government. But it’s not surprising because of the work done by Yogi government in last five years. So, what really changed that despite a strong opposition riding on caste politics, farmer agitations, unemployment, covid crisis failed to stop the Bulldozer of Yogi government.

Before I come to the next point, let me tell you- it’s unlikely to see pro-incumbency in any Indian election but this UP election was different because of Yogi Adityanath. There are several reasons because of which Yogi created pro-incumbency in the mind of voters right now.

  • Welfare schemes– Yogi ensured benefits of all welfare schemes must reach poorest of the poor. His inclusive approach of benefitting everyone irrespective of their religion and caste was witnessed for the first time in the history of UP politics. Prior to this, every government just worked for the benefit of one religion or caste like Akhilesh Yadav (Samajwadi Party) always promoted Muslims and Yadav in employment, pension etc while Mayawati of BSP only work for the benefits of Dalits. One can be representative of a religion or caste but once in power, you are the chief minister of the state. And for the first time, a chief minister pushed inclusive growth, and it helped him in breaking the shackles of caste equations in Uttar Pradesh. Welfare schemes like housing for poor’s, Toilets, ration, pension, and LPG gas stove were huge hit among the voters. Those who didn’t grew up in village will never understand the pain of not having toilets at home.
  • Woman Empowerment- Women are the silent and biggest supporter of Yogi Adityanath government. It’s because of women votes that Yogi can break the shackles of casteism and religion. While political leaders are habitual to give speeches on woman empowerment and remain limited to slogans and posters, Yogi Adityanath will register his name in the history books as one such political leader who worked extensively for woman empowerments. He tried to restore the respect and dignity of woman. He hunted goons, fought to give woman freedom from Triple Talaq, build toilet in each house, and provided LPG, gas stove.
  • Law and Order and elimination of red tape– UP witnessed paradigm shift in law & order in last five years. Goons were queuing in front of the courts to surrender.  Government offices are working like private sector as no file can stay at one place for more than three days. Teachers who were never found in the town are now regularly attend schools. This is massive change for a state like Uttar Pradesh.
  • Covid crisis management- While the leaders across the world struggled to handle covid crisis, Yogi Adityanath government came out of covid with flying colors. Yes, there were loss of lives, yes there was panic, yes people had to struggle for livelihood but then we all understand that it’s a global pandemic, a loss is surety in the pandemic, but a champion leader is one who can minimize the losses and stand with his people. While most of the leaders choose to stay in ivory towers, Yogi visited most numbers of towns and villages to ensure maximum support is provided to the people. Police machinery ensured supply of rations to very home in Uttar Pradesh. This unprecedented empathetic approach was never seen in past in any Indian state. Because of efficient management of covid crisis, he was appreciated on global platforms.
  • Electricity– Traditionally, UP had been a state where electricity was available for minimal hours even in bigger cities. Unfortunately, electricity was distributed in UP on the parameters of religion, castes etc. After Yogi took over the CM chair of Uttar Pradesh, there is considerable improvement in electricity. Villages in UP today get more than 18 to 20 hours of electricity. Lifestyle of people are positively impacted because of availability of electricity.
  • Investment- Its natural for humans to bog down in the times of crisis. Many chief ministers gave up on handling covid crisis but Yogi, not only responded to the crisis but also able to attract maximum investment in Uttar Pradesh. Few of the companies who shifted out of China has already started production in UP.
  • No Appeasement Politics- Do you know- from last many decades parties are winning election because of appeasement politics. But Yogi shown a path to every politician in India that elections can be won without appeasement. One just need to have an unbiased approach towards work and people. Yogi mantra of development for all, appeasement for none strike chord with the people of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Infrastructure- If you have been to UP, you must have witnessed a visible improvement in infrastructure in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Express ways, roads, and Airports (soon UP will have five operational international airports), Hospitals. Prior to Yogi government, there were only two medical college (BHU-Varanasi, BRD-Gorakhpur) in eastern UP but now each district has a medical college or under construction to start in couple of years.
  • Marketing (Election campaigning)- After five years of rules, there is not any significant anti-incumbency against Yogi government but there was against Central government. Farmers are against farm laws; Muslims were up against in CAA & NRC. But BJP marketing team planned the election campaign so well that opposition was left to wonder to find a platform to corner Yogi. As you know election in UP started from western UP, the place where largely farm agitation and CAA protest took place. When you observe closely the campaign of BJP, you will notice that Modi was virtually absent from campaigning in first phase of elections which comprised of western Uttar Pradesh. Yogi run the show on its own in western Uttar Pradesh. Do you know- It helped BJP to counter anti-incumbency against PM Modi and successfully close western UP on winning note.

I told you earlier that the biggest achievement of Yogi government is that he able to restore the pride of UP people and that for many is the real thing that help them to connect with Yogi Adityanath.

Naysayers will try to analyze the results from the lens of caste and religion, and totally overlook the fact that Yogi Adityanath has changed the narrative of this year elections…Its Development for all…appeasement of none.

One major challenge is in front of Yogi Adityanath is how he can improve the employment in the state. UP has a large base of young voters who are on verge of joining workforce and Yogi must innovate ideas to generate employment for this youth class. One of reason is the faith that people have in Yogi Adityanath, they know there are issues, but they trust Yogi more than anyone else to steer them out of those troubles.

In first five years, Yogi Adityanath created the requisite infrastructure, restored law & order in the state. Now he will go to seek investments from other parts of the country and the world. In next five years, a new UP will born which will be at par with developed states of the world because UP has a leader who is walking along with its people.

Image- Outlook India

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