7 easy tips to improve personal brand….

In modern day corporate world, positive PR is as important as your KRA. Positive PR makes you visible, recognizable & promotable in the organization. The onus is not on the organization but it’s on the individual to create a strong personal brand for himself which will ensure his individual growth in corporate world.

We can also say that personal brand is result of the behavior & actions of an individual over the years. Although we understand & recognize the importance of personal branding, the real challenge people face is how to create a strong personal brand in day-to-day regular work. I am sharing 7 easy tips that can help you to create a strong personal brand.

1. Yes, to relevant opportunities- Opportunities keeps coming our ways but we must not run behind all the opportunities. We should identify the opportunities which are relevant to us & grab it with both hands. It’s quite easy to identify the relevant opportunities. Analyze the opportunities with three sets of questions-

  • Are these opportunities are using your strength?
  • Are these opportunities will help to add new skill set which will help you to grow in longer run?
  • Will the opportunity provide a chance to you to work with Leaders, mentors, or key people of the organization?

2. Discover your Uniqueness- Every individual is unique in his or her own way. Identify that unique quality of yours & use it to your advantage to grow in the corporate world. Refer to my blog to learn more about uniqueness & special talent. https://atomic-temporary-181279088.wpcomstaging.com/2021/10/01/your-special-talent-will-speed-up-your-development/

3. Simplify your language- Overcomplicated & negative statements are never appreciated in the corporate world and will work against you. It’s advisable to simplify the language & present the negative things in a positive way. Consider the below two statements-

  • Negative statement– We have hit the roadblock. The problem is big as Vaccine’s production has to be stopped due to non-availability of raw material. We are in discussion with the vendor but not sure when it will be resolved.
  • Improved statement- The situation is little complicated, but we are in discussion with the vendor & hopeful for an early resolution of raw material availability.

4. Network Internally- Here is the thing. In world of social media, many forget to build strong relationship internally in the organization. Do you know… It is impossible to grow in any organization without having positive internal networking. Identify your key stakeholders and then build a strong network with them. They are the one who will act as your spokesperson at the right time. At the same, ensure your social media accounts are updated with latest information. This will help you for better connecting with the stakeholders.

5. Boil it down to single point- It’s important that whenever you present or discuss with the stakeholders, always prioritize your points. If you try to highlight too many points at the same time, chances are very high these points will be lost in conversations. Always try to boil it to down to that single most important point. It will help to position yourself as someone who has complete clarity on his thoughts.

6. Level up Vocabulary- The worst thing that can happen to anyone is an inability to express his or her thoughts due to lack of vocabulary, hence its inevitable for one to keep improving his or her vocabulary. Here is the thing, a strong vocabulary helps in clear communication.

7. Know your values- Personal branding is something which can’t be faked. Do you know why because in longer run faking will not be sustainable. It’s advisable for you remain connected to your values because that will help in strong positioning your personal branding.

Personal branding is about reinforcing who you are… again…again…and again. As we already discussed that it can’t be faked. Its sustainable only when you know yourself & you know where you have to move in your life. Few days ago, I got the opportunity to conduct personal branding workshop and realized that people tend to ignore the importance of personal branding in day-to-day life. As I told you, everyone is unique and there is no harm in seeking a specialist advise on personal branding. In case you feel, you need a specialized push to improve your personal brand…It will be wise to seek advice from a Personal Branding specialist.

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