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Modernised infra for your IT workloads
ModernWazir: Success Secrets of Corporate Life

Corporate life is more than it meets the eye. There is always another story and there is always a twist in the tale. What's written is not always followed in corporate world.

Everyone seems to hate politics but practically everyone in the corporate world world is engaged in politics.

Are you someone who is working hard but not growing or who always ends up on the recieving end? You do all the hard work but someone politely takes credit for your work?

Let me tell you, there are only two things that are present everywhere in the world- one is God and the other is politics. So, to be successful in life, you need both on your side.

Modernised infra for your IT workloads
Develop the leader in you!

ModernWazir: Success Secrets of Corporate life is new age collection of ideas and case studieson how to tackle and overcome challenges in the corporate world. This book introduces you to the IP theory of focus management, The two P's theory of change management, The TCL theory of relationship management, Two A's strategy of successful leaders, MEET principle of planning & many that will help you grow into a successful leaders. ModernWazir: Success Secrets of Corporate Lofe will help you survive and succeed in the corporate world.

The corporate world has its rules. It's time to play the right way and to your advantage.

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