Caste-ing doubts over the truth

The recent shocking incident of Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras district is a blot on us as a society. The way UP police handled the initial investigation is bound to raise questions on the intentions of the police force in providing justice to the victim. Although, the Yogi government swung into action once the media and public outrage started on social media, I believe they took too long to act. Had they shown the same intensity in the first couple of days, there would be greater chance of saving the victim. By recommending a Supreme Court monitored CBI probe, the UP government finally took decisive decision.

I sincerely think that a heinous crime like rape deserves the strictest punishment. Even the death penalty is less. The government must shame these criminals in public forums by putting advertisements just like they did for the mob who violently burnt shops and vehicles in the name of protest. There cannot be bigger crime than rape and I’m strongly of the opinion that NSA act must be charged to the accused.

But I want to highlight something else, which is important and possibly one of the reasons that is creating divide in the society. Have you ever watched the news headlines closely? The hunger for TRP and the urge to create sensational news has led many to create headlines which is not good for social fabric of the nation in the longer run. Sharing some of the recently reported headlines.

Can you find a common thread of all the news headlines? Yes, in all the headlines, Caste is prominently highlighted, and in some cases the real news is lost in these caste-based news headlines. These headlines are so impactful in creating perceptions in the minds of people that the real news loses focus.

A girl is brutally raped and left to die. Rather than hanging the culprits, news anchors are focusing on the castes of the victim and the accused. Rapists or criminal don’t have any caste, they are Inhumans who don’t deserve to live in a civilized society.

In the other news – why is it needed to highlight the caste of two people getting married. Why so much fuss over this? Two adults decided to marry as per laws. Whether it was a second marriage, or the girl is half of the age of the boy was something nobody bothered to know. The headline was busy with caste.

Ram Vilasji was one of the greatest socialist leaders of independent India but almost all news headlines was focused on his caste. The present and future generations have so much to learn from him. But for the news headlines he was just a Dalit leader & unfortunately historians will also write on him in the similar lines.

A man burnt alive & but how people will know why this happened? This kind of headline will create hatred in the society & in some case may lead to infighting. Criminals must be prosecuted irrespective of religion & caste. Same way victim also to be seen irrespective of religion & caste.

It’s important to understand the impact, these headlines in the minds of the common people. It positions one caste as villain against the other. The crime or real news gets lost in the high decibel noise of caste politics. In this fast-paced world, many only refer headlines to make perceptions which is very dangerous for the society.

If we wish to be a society where everyone see others equals, then we must start projecting thoughts in the right direction. Rapists are brutal animals who don’t deserve to live in this society irrespective caste or religion. It’s time to think in the right direction. In any criminal offence one is victim and other is the accused. These kinds of caste-based headlines and propaganda will lead to further polarization of our society and despite the valiant effort of the leaders, we will be heading towards a world where everything looks divided.

To move on the path of development, thought process of the society must change and it’s about time to change the way headlines are created. These kinds of hatred filled toxic headlines will not do any good to the society or the victim. Identity based headlines must be avoided for a balance society.

Note- News Headlines Images (Courtesy- Google Images)

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