Exhibitions Industry: why its an exciting place to work

Three years has been an eventful run for many industries. Exhibition industry was no exception. It restarted slowly but bounced back strongly. 2022 could be easily a year of redemption for exhibition industry because from nowhere, it almost reclaimed the 2019 position.

However, during these three years, like other industries, the regular employee remained very anxious unsure of the future of the industry. Few jumped the ship, but few stay back to stir the ship during this difficult time.

A week ago, I was having a meeting with senior leaders outside of exhibition industry when one asked me, “why one should join the exhibition industry”. It left me wondering for a while that what’s in it for the next generation that can excite them to be part of this vibrant industry because every industry or organization offer good salary, insurance benefits, leaves etc. then why they choose exhibitions industry over other industries.

Moreover, B2B trade fairs is a demanding work because turning a barren land into a lively marketplace within two or three days is no less than climbing a mountain. I have something special to share with you about this industry which I may or may not other industries can offer to its employees.

  • Exciting and absorbing work environment– Unlike other businesses, you can be assure of one thing that each day in this industry will be new and exciting. B2B trade fairs are strategically planned however there are misses happens behind the stage, but the beauty of talented collaboration between teams & individuals means that the attendees never be able to find gaps. With each day, you learn how to better yourself and whisk away your stress.
  • Individual aspiration – One of my friend banking in BFSI sector keep on telling me that he caught in wrong profile. He wishes to change his profile, but he was so good at work that no one was willing to give him an opportunity in another profile. He has no opportunity in hand to prove that he can be good in some other profile as well. However, exhibitions are different. Here everyone in the organization must wear different hats during the event and that’s where you can go and ask for a work of your interest. The project head will be more than willing to help, mentor and support you. You prove yourself and can easily bag a job of your choice in the same company.
  • Working Flexibility- How flexible is your job. GenX and GenZ are very particular about flexibility at the workplace. Unlike previous generations who preferred 9 to 5 job, this generation is not bound by time. They wish to work as per their preferred timings, are more flexible and love innovative work environment. Exhibition gives everything that this generation demands from their employers. There can be days when one will not have time to call your family but there will be days when he can silently relax on his couch with a cup of coffee, and no one will disturb him.
  • Allow to learn other facet of work: Collaboration is the ingredient of success. While working in exhibition industry one gets chance to learn skills other than his core skills. Being in HR, one gets an opportunity on operations role on event days. A better understanding and an excellent partnership. This help all of us to being a better human being. In recently concluded CPhI exhibitions, I was looking after sustainable initiatives for the exhibition. My knowledge on sustainability grew overnight and I found the topic so interesting that I promised myself to promote it everywhere. It changed my life for good.
  • Travel around the world- One of the key aspirations of GenX/GenZ is to travel around the world. It’s pointless to mention here that travelling means expenses and require a lot of money. What if I tell you that you will get chance to travel around the world for free? Sounds amazing! Its right if you are working in tradefairs industry. One of friend have toured more than 70 countries in 10 years. No need to ask for leave to explore a new place. Your work will take you to the new places and give exposure to different cultures.
  • Networking– The networking in office set-up is always limited to hi and hello but when you spend a day offsite, we get to know each other far better. Just a day of offsite improves so much collaboration among employees. Now imagine when you have to spend 25% of your work time in offsite. Exhibitions offers such a great opportunity for us interact, understand, learn, and know that there can also be a corporate family to bank on at the time of crisis.
  • Get inspired everyday: Meeting successful individuals inspire all of us. In trade fairs industry, we get the opportunity to meet and interact leaders who have given shape to the industry, who lived life on their own terms. Let me take you a bit dipper- Exhibition industry caters to a large base of SME. These leaders are mostly born because of following their passion. There were no money or mentors, but they took upon themselves to map their journey of success. Isn’t it amazing to interact with these leaders and learn from their experiences? I don’t think any other industry will give an opportunity to interact with industry champions. Every day a new story and a new inspiration to keep you motivated for your dreams.
  • Helps in building a Strategic mindset: The beauty of this business is long term planning. Few of the top brand’s dates were finalized 5 years in advance. It positively helps an individual to think strategically and have a long-term view of its products. This mindset not only helps him to grow in the corporate world but also in his personal life. He or She will always have a long-term vision because industry grooms you like this every day.
  • One doesn’t need leaves to meet friends- In one of my LinkedIn posts, I had shared how various events helped me remain connected with my friends across the world. Post entering the corporate world one never takes leave to travel to another location to meet his or her friends. However, in exhibition industry, you are bound to travel different cities, and this is a blessing. You don’t need to take leaves, spend extra money on tickets and yet you get a chance to connect and meet to your loved ones.
  • You get a chance to represent your country: Representing your country at any forum or stage is a proud moment. In exhibitions, one gets chance to travel around the world & present his or her country, its industries, cultures on multiple forums. A chance to interact with global community and present your culture is a million-dollar proud opportunity for an ordinary citizen.

I just want to say, the world is much bigger than one can ever imagine. Similarly, there are many industries, and each has its own benefits while we know the benefits about the popular industries like manufacturing, BFSI or IT, there is a bigger world beyond this which is waiting for you.

Explore the world so that you can gift yourself the best the world has for you.

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