Prayers empower kids to improve focus

Focus challenges are real. Kids may really want to focus and work hard at it, and still struggle to concentrate on what they’re doing. Many parents are facing this challenge today. We can blame modern day technology or mobile, but the facts remain the same. Kids are struggling to focus. While we wish our kids to be the next generation leaders, are we supporting them enough to learn focus management?

Before, I tell you that, let us try to identify one common talent of successful leaders. You close your eyes, and you will have the answer- Yes, they all have great ability to remain focused on their work despite living in a world which is full of distraction.

Do you wonder how they remain laser sharp focused on their work? A question that always kept me engaged in learning and sharing focus management principles. How and what they do differently to be so successful to remain focused on their goals? A bit curiosity, research, talking to leaders and we will get the answer. It is meditation and spiritualism. But from where they learned this, who taught them, how they managed time to learn this art?

Because of this reason that my recent visit to Himalayan’s winter were very special. It helped me connecting the dots of learnings of focus management. Something that I knew for years but realized in snowy winters of Himalaya’s.

Do you know, it was freezing winter morning and Ram Singh was singing Ram Choupai alongside with his wife and kids on the banks of river Kalsa. His seven-year-old kid was giving him the company. I spent half a day with family and amazed by the focus the kid has developed at this age. Ram Singh told me that every morning, they sing prayers and it’s a part of their lifestyle. And this one incident answered all my questions of how great leaders were learned to imbibe focus management.

Do you know, many leaders imbibe focus management unknowingly in their childhoods? If we study the biographies of great leaders Gandhi, Shastri and Vajpayee, we will find that one common thread in the upbringing that they are groomed in a particular lifestyle that eventually helped them to learn focus management.

This brings to my next point, why focus management is such an important topic in the world? In the growing digital age, we are constantly challenged to keep our focus. The diverted attention results in loss of efficiency and productivity. Corporates run many programs to ensure that employees remain focused in their work. Parents work overtime to keep an eye on their kids to ensure they remain focused in studies and sports.

Despite all these efforts, the bitter truth is we still struggle to find that special art of focus management. Focus Management is one topic that is going to be a very important contributor for the success of an individual in personal, corporate, or in public life. There are many ways to improve focus, one being my IP theory of Focus Management.

Here is the thing, Focus is a habit that must be inculcated since childhood and the best way is to involve your child in your morning prayers. A half an hour daily prayer will help kids organizing their thoughts and remain focused on studies or work. One can spend millions on multiple online and offline courses to learn focus management but it’s something that needs to be imbibed their lifestyle.

I believe that’s the reason elders say prayers have answer to many questions. Add prayers in their lifestyle and in just few years, you will see a leader emerging in the kid.

As we already discussed, in a rush to get things done or reach office on time, many skip the morning prayers but that will also mean the next generation can be more fragile in keeping the focus. These habits are learned over a period but what if it can be imbibe in the lifestyle like it was decades ago. Let’s empower kids with a lifestyle that can help them to succeed in life.

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