Tiger Zinda Hai….MODI 3.0


In an interesting twist of events BJP fell short of majority on its own in the latest LS elections however along with coalition partners crossed the desired numbers required to form the government by comfortable margin. With JDU and TDP firmly putting their weight behind PM Modi, all speculations have been put to rest on who will be forming the government.

There are tinsel talks among the opposition and in the sections of media that brand Modi has faded or lost its sheen. Those who have not got even half of the numbers are celebrating the success of their life. And they have every reason to celebrate as after years of waiting, they have witnessed some degree of success. After years of failing, finally made their presence in Indian politics. While they must celebrate but they must not ignore the fact that brand Modi is still alive and way ahead than anyone in the opposition.

Its a fact that brand loses its intensity in a long journey, but that time has not arrived in Indian politics for PM Narendra Modi. There are some telling stories of this election results that clearly indicate that Brand Modi is intact and will get stronger in coming days.

A few points to clear doubts that has been created by section of people post this election results on PM Modi

  • Lok Sabha results– Apart from UP, LS results for BJP are more than satisfactory in other states. In MP, Uttarakhand, Delhi, they won all seats. BJP perform very well in the states like Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Karnataka, and Northeast. More importantly they will be forming the government.
  • Odisha and Andhra Pradesh – Opposition completely forgot results of Andhra and Odisha in the mix of LS results. Two more states went to the BJP kitty further reducing number of oppositions ruled states after drubbing of Congress in recently concluded elections of MP, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh.
  • Lotus bloom in Kerala– Expanding footprints of BJP must be concerning for opposition parties.  BJP won an LS seat in the state of Kerala making inroads to the left dominated states. Its vote share in Kerala is almost close to 20%.
  • Vote percentage rise in Tamil Nadu– BJP slowly from the no man’s land is stepping into the shoes of main opposition party of Tamil Nadu. There are 10+ seats where BJP candidates finish second to the winner. BJP ended with the vote share of 11% which is higher than of Congress.

BJP under-performed in Uttar Pradesh, but it still managed to win 36 out of 80 seats. A 45%-win percentage is a good performance. All this tell a simple story that Brand Modi is alive. Surely there will be debate on the intensity of Brand Modi but saying that it has faded will be lying to yourself.

PM Modi is an astute politician and has been in power for more 25 years. One of the reasons he survived and grown over the year because he understands Indian politics better than anyone. He is flexible and adaptable to the changes. As he is returning to power, I am sure he will go to the drawing board and redraw strategies and ensure cover the gap of brand Modi appeal within months.

This time mandate is different but one thing that will work in PM Modi favor is that no government can be formed at center without BJP.  It is for this reason that JDU and TDP unequivocally announced support for PM Modi. No denying the fact that no party can afford an election right now. So, PM Modi is here to stay, and he will work hard to bridge the lost ground of Uttar Pradesh.

For those who even think remotely that Brand Modi has lived its time….just remember Tiger Jinda Hai!!

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