Wealth redistribution- An idea to divide India


Elections in India is fascinating where political parties go extra miles to woo the voters and can do whatever required to be done to gain votes. But some promises made during these campaigns threaten to break the fundamentals of the nation. One such promise is a wealth survey and subsequently redistribution of wealth by Congress party. It’s almost impossible for a common citizen to understand why such a step and how it will impact their life.

Congress through its manifesto talks about revolutionary steps like wealth survey leading to the redistribution of wealth, a communist idea which basically means looting the wealth of the people legally & redistributing it among others. At the onset, it sounds like a good thing as what’s wrong in helping poor people & lifting their lifestyle. But in practicality it never happens. Wealth is looted and a few select powerful people keep the entire wealth betraying the poor.

Let’s deep dive into this wealth redistribution manifesto or the much-talked inheritance law but before that let me bring a point for thought for all of you.

Rahul Gandhi of Congress, the brain behind this idea, has never ever redistributed political power within his party. He & his family inherited congress leadership for generations and never let other hardworking Congress leaders grow within the party. Courtesy Rahul Gandhi family, people leaders like P V Narasimha Rao, architect of modern India could not find a place in Delhi to rest in peace. Why only wealth redistribution, we should talk about redistribution of many other things like power that is important for society.

Coming back to this so-called revolutionary initiative of Rahul Gandhi. The idea has no merit because in any case each penny earned in India has a tax associated with it. Some estimate that more than 50% of the income is paid to the government in the form of direct & indirect taxes. These tax revenues go into the welfare scheme for the poor people, uplifting of their socio-economic status etc. What more Rahul Gandhi & Congress wants to get from common people. Surprisingly, the Congress party has not paid taxes and has got notices to the tune of Rs 3,500 crore from the income tax department. He himself is not paying taxes but wants citizens’ income post deducting taxes to be further redistributed. This will take India back to old age days of colonial era where everything is controlled by government. A time where the government will just pass a bill to loot hard earned money of the people.

Further, India is a society of families. Indians regards family values above everything. Family is the social security scheme in India where each member of family care about each other. Western theories of inheritance laws can not be applied here in India.

In Indian culture, family plays a central role, and the desire to provide a better life for one’s family is often a primary motivation for hard work. This motivation stems from deeply ingrained values of duty, responsibility, and love for family members. People often see their own success and fulfilment as intertwined with the well-being and happiness of their loved ones. Thus, the pursuit of a better life for one’s family is the powerful driving force behind the hard work and sacrifices individuals make. By introducing inheritance tax law, you are basically asking people not to work hard but to enjoy life on other person hard earned money.

And that brings to my last reasoning against all this drama created by Congress party….. this step will discourage people and meritorious individuals will be forced to leave the land in the pursuit of finding a level playing field. See the Congress of today, because talents have been neglected over the years in congress, meritorious leaders are leaving Congress one by one, and it has now reduced to a regional party in many senses. In longer run such radical thoughts and ideas will harm the growth of the country and will take us decades back and there will be no coming back from it. Such law risks the flight of wealth and wealthy people from the country. This so called thought of Congress can be aptly summarized by a Hindi phrase “ Na rahega baans na bajegi bansuri” which means there will be no bamboos and no flute.

Congress & Rahul Gandhi must understand that they are playing with fire. They are sowing seeds which is poisonous and against the fundamental ethos, culture of Indian society. He and his advisors must stop comparing Indian society with western world and let Indians live with their own set of ethos and cultural values.

Sadly, wealth redistribution will only disincentivize productivity and innovation by dampening the rewards for success, leading to a decrease in overall economic growth.

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