Management lessons from Prabhu Ram’s life

The grand temple of Prabhu Ram is being re-built in Ayodhya and consecration will be done on 22nd Jan. Post that, the temple will be open to the public. A long wait will finally come to an end on 22nd January.

Naysayers have many things to say about the temple inauguration. Some say its politics, some say its appeasement, some say its civilizational resurgence, but few also claim that religion is a personal matter but none of them are talking about why Prabhu Ram life, teachings are so important in current world that is marred by selfishness, inward thinking, cheating & unethical practices.

Unlike Mahabharata, Ramayana was always taught as mythology, but its learning can resolve many contentious problems in the world & surely make it a better place to live.

In this blog, I am focusing on corporate world & specifically highlight what leaders in corporate world can learn from this epic story of Prabhu Ram named Ramayana & how learnings from Prabhu Ram life can help you to grow in profession life and to grow your business.

  1. Integrity & Character- Prabhu Ram is the epitome of integrity. At no point in his life even when going through the most difficult phase, he compromised on integrity, ethics, and truth. His decisions were aligned to the principles of Dharma. Many leaders fail today because they compromised on the integrity for short term gains and unfortunately organizations, employee had to pay the price of unethical practices. Prabhu Ram life is the finest example of a leader who grew leaps & bounds but never compromised on his integrity.
  2. A clear goal- To be successful in corporate life, leaders as well as organizations must have clearly defined measurable goals. Prabhu Ram has a clear goal of rescue of Ma Sita. He changed strategy but remained firm to his goals. When we look around us, individuals and groups who have clearly defined goals are bound to be successful.
  3. Empathetic Communication- Just having communication is a thing of the past now in the corporate world. To be successful, leaders must build a empathetic communication. Prabhu Ram spoke clearly and with empathy to everyone, which is a great leadership skill. In the corporate world, clear and effective communication helps minimise misunderstandings and strengthen team collaboration. And being empathetic helps one connect with each team member.
  4. Build a strong team and set well defined responsibilities– When Prabhu Ram started his journey of rescuing Ma Sita, he had no support for him. Step by step, he built a strong team of Sugriva, Hanuman, Angad. He partnered with Vanar sena because they aligned with the values of Prabhu Ram. Hiring the right talent, nurturing, and empowering them to achieve full potential should be the priority of the leaders as this will be that secret sauce which will help them to achieve the organization’s goal.
  5. Value relationships– Despite being the King of kings, Prabhu Ram always valued relationships. Because of this, Laxman, Hanuman, Sugriva, Angad always felt valued and connected with the goal of Prabhu Ram. It’s very well documented & understood that Hanuman advises played an important role in Prabhu Ram & Vibhison partnerships. Prabhu Ram always valued the advice of his team. It’s very important for the leaders to recognize, appreciate, build a sense of camaraderie, and foster a strong team spirit.
  6. Strategic alliances- No business or leader can survive in today’s complex world with strategic alliances & partnerships. Prabhu Ram did strategic alliance with Sugriva, Angad (Son of Bali whom he himself killed) and Vibhison (Brother of Ravan). It’s very difficult to imagine how one can form alliance with these different individuals. This became possible because of the ethical values of Prabhu Ram.
  7. Be Patient- Prabhu Ram never seems to be in a hurry. He waited for the right time & gave time to his team for preparations. During the search, he waited patiently for monsoons to get over to start the search operations and guided his to team to utilize this time for preparing for the long search. As leader, one needs to give time to the team for learning and educate them to wait for the right time.
  8. Create a culture of Innovations- The empathetic approach of Prabhu Ram developed confidence in every soldier of his army to speak freely and come to him with new ideas.  The innovative culture in his team helped them to find solutions to complex issues and achieve goals. In the corporate world where things are often complex, we need individuals and teams who can innovate and find solutions to the problem which are effective and cost efficient.
  9. Be Adaptable- One of the biggest learnings that leaders and corporate can learn from Prabhu Ram is the adaptability to different situations and circumstances. From the mighty palace of Ayodhya to living in cottage in jungles, Prabhu Ram adapted to every situation. He ensured that everyone in his team also responds the same way & adjusts to the changing environment. Business dynamics are constantly changing, and adaptability is the only way that can keep you relevant. You must be wondering how Prabhu Ram so smoothly adapted to every situation because he adheres to Dharma irrespective of the situation.

Prabhu Ram ensured protection of the right people and punished those who are unethical and do wrong things. He never bothered about who is the person be it Ravan or Bali, if he was wrong then he never hesitated to punish them.

Prabhu Ram is the universe in himself and there is always more to learn from his life. Leaders & organizations need to learn from Prabhu Ram’s life as there cannot be better story to learn than the story of Ramayana. Follow the right path & success will follow you. May Prabhu Ram show the right path & bless success and happiness to all of you.

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