Personifying leadership qualities of Lord Hanuman for a successful corporate life

In a world where there are huge responsibilities on the shoulder of the leaders, increasingly leaders are finding corporate life stressful and demanding to an extent that it affects their own life as well the lives of people around them. But great leaders learn from the greatest leaders and practice it in the right way in their day-to-day life. This not only makes them successful but also helps people around them to succeed in their corporate life.

In the modern age of management, there are multiple concepts and readings available across various platforms, but Lord Hanuman story has a place that is deep, fundamental, and thought provoking. His teachings and blessings can make our corporate life successful and help you to progress to success with happiness, love and satisfaction. Lord Hanuman is simply an enigma who teaches us to lead by example, prioritizing the greater good over individual glory.

Here are five key attributes associated with Lord Hanuman and how they can transform every one of us into modern day leaders:

Leading from the front: Lord Hanuman always offered to lead in the time of crisis despite not knowing the challenges that will come on his way. Where the question was to go to Lanka to find Mata Sita or go to Himalayas for Sanjeevini, he always took the lead. Leaders who took the initiative are appreciated and rewarded in the corporate world.

Leaving Comfort Zone- One of the biggest skills needed in the corporate world is to take risks leaving your own comfort zone and adapt to everyday changing scenarios. He was not comfortable initially but decided to jump over the sea to meet Mata Sita. He has that leap of faith which made him believe in his abilities. His mind was flexible to adapt to any changing scenario.

Humbleness: Lord Hanuman maintained a humble personality throughout his life. He always credited his success to the team and prioritized team needs over personal interests. After burning the entire city of Lanka, he remained humble and never did self-approbation. In return, everyone including Lord Rama appreciated Hanuman.

Servant leadership: This concept is uncommon, or I say is not acceptable to modern leaders, but this skill of Lord Hanuman helped him to scores over any other leaders. His unconditional loyalty and devotion of Lord Ram made him the most trusted lieutenant of Lord Rama. Loyalty is the most demanding skill in any walk of life including the corporate world. Despite being the son of a king, he chooses to walk on his own path of serving Lord Rama and Lord Sugriva. He served his team with humility, empathy, and a genuine desire to support and uplift others, fostering a culture of collaboration, trust, and growth within the Lord Rama army. This may sound unusual but there are more temples of Lord Hanuman in the world than Lord Rama. That is the power of servant leadership. In other words, the power of bhakti and loyalty help you earn respect in the world.

By personifying these leadership qualities inspired by Lord Hanuman, leaders can inspire, empower, and guide their teams to achieve exceptional results in today’s corporate world.

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